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Rostral Craniothoracophagus – Clinical features | Diagnosis | Treatment

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Rostral carniothoracophagus
Rostral craniothroracophagus baby

Rostral craniothoracophagus is a type of conjoined twins, are a pair of newborns that are physically joined together. This are produced when an early embryo only partially divides to produce two individuals and may share one or more internal organs even though they are born as two separate babies but are still physically joined, most often at the chest, and this is known as Rostral craniothoracophagus

1. Clinical features :

  1. They are cranially joined together.
  2. Their chest are joined together.

2. Diagnosis :

Ultrasonography :

  1. Same level body parts of twins.
  2. Not changing of positions relatively.
  3. Single placenta.

3. Treatment :

  • Separation surgery is the treatment, but here mortality rate is very high.

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