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Dog/Cat Bite – Category and Management with images

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Dog/Cat bite categories
Dog Bite Categories

A dog bite might result in tetanus or rabies. Infection signs include leaking, redness, swelling, and increasing pain. Dog bite injuries can range in severity from minor to life-threatening, and they must be treated right away to avoid infection or trauma-related consequences.

1. Category – I :

Category I Dog bite
Category – I

I. Type of Wound :

  1. Touching or feeding animals
  2. Licking on intact skin

II. Management :

  1. Washing of exposed skin surfaces, no PEP(Post exposure prophylaxis)

2. Category – II :

Category 2 Dog bite
Category 2 Dog bite

I. Type of Wound :

  1. Nibbling of uncovered skin
  2. Minor scratches or abrasions without bleeding

II. Management :

  1. Local treatment of the wound
  2. Immediate vaccination

3. Category – III :

Category 3 Dog bite
Category 3 dog bite

I. Type of Wound :

  1. Single or multiple transdermal bites or scratches
  2. Licks on broken skin
  3. Contamination of mucous membrane with saliva from lick
  4. Contact with bats

II. Management :

  1. Immediate vaccination and administration rabies immunoglobulin
  2. Local treatment of the wound

Essen and Zagreb Regimen :

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