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Axillary lymphadenopathy – Position/Location | Possible causes | Treatment

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This is known as increase in size or density of lymph nodes in the Axilla region due to various causes.

I. Location/Position/Relations of Axillary groups of lymph nodes :

  1. Bony relations – Laterally to 3rd and 4th rib and medially to the upper end of humerus.
  2. Muscle relations – Along the biceps brachii short head.
  3. Vascular relations – Above the axillary artery.

1. Causes of Axillary lymph node swelling :

  1. Bacterial and viral infection
  2. Vaccination for measles, small pox, tuberculosis
  3. Cat-scratch fever
  4. Strep throat
  5. HIV
  6. Autoimmune lmphoproliferative syndrome
  7. Lymphoma
  8. Sporotrichosis

2. Treatment of Axillary lymph node swelling :

  1. If it is due to any infection, then we can use specific Antibiotics, Anti-viral agents, and anti-inflammatory drugs.
  2. If cause due to any Malignancy, then we need to excise out the lymph nodes surgically.
  3. In case of any Malignancy we can give chemotherapy.

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