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Make a Contact with us – Information & Marketing

Welcome to Medigac

Contact with us for regarding any kind of Promotion, Information, Marketing, etc.

For Promotions of Any Creation

Promotion : We are always here to know your voice. If you are interested to work with us by providing contents, posts, images, notes then make sure that you are contacting via this contact form. If we think that your content is useful and relevant with no copyright issues then surely we are going to post on Facebook and Instagram with providing the credits of yours. 

But via this rule if we found that if you are trying to promote your own brand with YouTube channel and other social media handles, then may the scenario will be different.

In different scenario, when you will promote your brand, we will promote them but at different costs and charges , so let’s contact if you are interested.

Promotion will be on Facebook and Instagram only, not on YouTube and Twitter.

Now come to Informations and Marketing

Informations – For getting the correct informations of anything related to our posts, pages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, you can contact with us  with the specific questions, we will try to reply with the relevant answers as soon as possible. And if you have any complaint regarding our posts, then also you can contact with us with due respect. 

Marketing – If anyone wants to make a market deal with us, the surely they can contact with us. We also want to make our website affiliate with the sellers. Contact with us by providing the Company name, all the marketing strategy, advertisement types, and other things if you want to put up. After receiving your email, we will try to make a contact with you as soon and possible and will provide you the final answer. Sometimes we reject affiliate marketings because of so many product selling. Because Website visitors, blog posts readers better experience is what matters for us at very first. So it is not possible to accept everyones requests.