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Medical Guidance And Coaching

Welcome to MediGac. We provide you variety of online materials to make your study better.​

Read all the Medical related Blog Posts, Medical Surgical Instruments/Equipments/Devices Names, Description, Uses with their Pictures.

Medical Subject Study Tips

Here we have discussed all the Medical Subjects Study tips dividing each post it in mainly Five parts and that is 1. Meaning/Definition, 2. How to read the subject, 3. What are the important topics, 4. How to score well in the University Exam.

We have discussed 9 subjects and they are – Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Ophthalmology, ENT(Otorhinolaryngology), and PSM(Preventive and social medicine).

Anatomy Important Topics

In this section you will get all the important topics of anatomy in specially separate blog posts. Because Anatomy is a broad subject it contain almost 10 branches and they are : 1.General Anatomy, 2.Histology, 3.Embryology, 4.Osteology, 5.Head and Neck, 6.Neuro Anatomy, 7.Lower Limb, 8.Abdomen, 9.Upper Limb, 10.Thorax

Medical and Surgical Instruments/Equipments

In this section you will find all the surgical instruments/Equipments/Devices Name, Description, Uses with their pictures. We have discussed Instruments of almost 11 Subjects – 1.Medicine, 2.OBG(Obstetrics and Gynaecology), 3.Surgery, 4.Paediatrics, 5.Radiology, 6.Orthopaedics, 7.Ophthalmology, 8.ENT(Otorhinolaryngology), 9.Pathology, 10.Anaesthesia, 11. Dermatology.

Medical FlashCards

We are providing flashcards/shorts which covers almost all subjects of Medical science. For this we are working in a separate domain, which is MedicaQ – Medical Quick.

Our motive is to provide free medical materials and help medical students as much as possible. So we are on our way to supply Notes, Posts, Medical Images, Surgical Instruments informations with their pictures, Study tips blogs, Anatomy important topics blogs etc.

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That’s all all with MediGac 1.0,

Soon we are going to launch our other services in MediGac 2.0 and this will contain so many new things, and surely you all will fall in love with MediGac more.