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MEDICINE – Instruments | Equipments – Full List : Part-II

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Medicine Instruments list

We have made all the MEDICINE Instruments full set or list with the Names, Description, Uses with Pictures. in you medical ward you will see all this instruments/equipments/devices. So full knowledge regarding all this devices is necessary for your medical and surgical practice and also during exams.



Description :

This made of metal and plastic.

Has mainly tow parts : The Body/Handle & The Optic Head.

Uses :

1. Examination of the External ear cavity : In various diseases we need to check the external ear cavity properly.

Various conditions in which we use Otoscope :

  1. Serous Otitis media
  2. Acute otitis media 
  3. Perforation of the tympanic membrane
  4. Ear wax
  5. Foreign body
  6. Otomycosis, etc.


Oxygen mask and tube

Description :

This device has mainly two parts : The Mask & The Silicone Tube

Uses :

1. Assist In Oxygen intake : To make the patient o take the oxygen more efficiently by providing gases into the mouth/nsotrils.

2. Administration of aerosolized drugs : Some patients needs drugs in aerosolized or gaseous forms, there also we can use Oxygen Maska and Tube.



Description :

This is made up of glass materials, the central is portion is swollen hollow space which has markings on it.

Uses :

1. Measurement of Doses : To measure drugs doses which are in liquid forms.



Description :

This device is made op stainless steel and mainly two parts :

  1. Obturator
  2. Proctoscope Sheath

Uses :

1. Examination of Anal Canal : For examining anal canal and lower part of the rectum in various conditions like :

  1. Hemorrhoids
  2. Carcinoma of Anal Canal
  3. Rectal polyps


Reflex hammer

Description :

This device has two parts : One Metallic comfortable flat handle and another Triangular Rubber Head

Uses :

1. Testing Motor reflex/Deep tendon refles : To test motor reflex of the body by hitting the deep tendons of the muscles.


Soe covers

Description :

Shoe covers are used to cover shoes. 6 different materials are used for making of shoe covers:

  1. Polythene
  2. Polypropylene
  3. Rubber
  4. Aluminized fabric
  5. Silicone
  6. Leather

Uses :

1. Operative Field : In various operative field we use Shoe covers to cover the shoe to prevent spreading any kind of infection generating from footwear.

2. Surgical procedures : In Surgery ward during surgery doctors wears shoe cover to prevent transmission of infection generating from footwear.



Description :

This device has 5 components :

  1. Cuff
  2. Gauge
  3. Bulb
  4. Valve
  5. Tube

Uses :

1. Measurement of Blood Pressure : To measure the blood pressure by Non-Invasive method.



Description :

This device has 4 components :

  1. Earpiece
  2. Tube
  3. Diaphragm
  4. Bell

Uses :

1. Hearing different Sounds : To hear different souds produced by the body through different Movements/Works.

Sound Heard :

  1. Heart Beats
  2. Breath Sounds
  3. Intestinal Movements
  4. Foetal Movements



Description :

This has mainly two parts:

  1. Face
  2. Action Buttons

Uses :

1. Recording Rates : 

  1. Heart Rates
  2. respiratory rates


Suction tube

Description :

It has mainly 5 parts :

  1. Connector for vaccum
  2. handle
  3. Thumb-control alve
  4. catheter
  5. Tip

Uses :

1. Sucking up Blood/Fluid : To suck up blood or any kind of fluid secretion during medical or surgical procedures.


Surgical mask

Description :

Made up of different types of Fabric.

Uses :

Protection from Infection : To Protect the Oral and Nasal route from any kind of infection.


Surgical scissors

Description :

Surgical Scissors includes :

  1. Bandage Scissors
  2. Iris Scissors
  3. Corneal Scissors
  4. Vannas Scissors
  5. Mayo Scissors, etc.

Uses :

1. Tissue Cutting : During any surgical procedures, it is used to cut tissues at the surface or inside the human body.

2. Bandage : Bandage scissors can be used to cut bandages without gauging the skin.


Digital thermometer

Description :

This device is has mainly two parts :

—–The body – which has a digital display to show the temperature

—-The metallic tip which takes the temperature.

Uses :

1. Measurement of Temperature : To record the body temperature during any kind of body warm.


Tongue depressor

Description :

Made up of stainless steel and has two ends.

Uses :

1. Oral examination :

  1. To retract lips and cheek for better viewing the oral cavity.
  2. To test gag reflex.


Transfusion kit

Description :

made up of plastic and silicone tubes.

Has mainly 8 parts :

  1. Luer connector
  2. Tubing
  3. Injection Port
  4. V-track controller
  5. Filter
  6. Drip chamber
  7. Access port
  8. Spike

Uses :

1. Replacing the lost components : To replace the lost components of blood by transfusion of red blood cells, platelets, plasma, etc.


Tuning fork

Description :

Made up of stainless steel and has 3 parts :

  1. Two prongs
  2. Stem
  3. Foot piece

Uses :

1. To test Deafness in Ear :

By doing different types of test like :

  1. Rinne’s Test
  2. Weber’s Test
  3. Absolute Bony Conduction Test
  4. Schwabach Test



Description :

This is a electronic machine and works by :

  1. The power source
  2. The controls
  3. The monitors

Uses :

1. Replacing natural breathing act : To replace natural breathing by assisting or carrying the inspiration and expiration process artificially.

Used in :

  1. Sick/Severely Injured Patient
  2. Post operative sedation


Weighing machine

Description :

made up of metallic body and a analog metered display to show the weight scale.

Uses :

1. Measuring Weight : In case of any disease we need to measure weight.

For example incase of any carcinoma measurement of weight is very important because weight loss is a most common feature of carcinoma.

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