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Thyroid surgery instruments names and images

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Thydroid surgery instruments

We have discussed the instruments names and pictures, used in thyroid gland surgery.

  1. Kidney tray
  2. Electric cautery
  3. Povidone Iodine bowl
  4. Sponge holding forceps with gauge piece
  5. Langenbeck retractor
  6. BP handle with scalpel blade
  7. Doyen’s towel clip
  8. Toothed forceps
  9. Plain forceps
  10. large curved artery forceps
  11. Straight and curved scissor
  12. Gauge piece
  13. Surgical mop
  14. Babcock tissue forceps
  15. Allis tissue forceps
  16. Artery forceps – Plain and curved
  17. Double hook thyroid retractor